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Built for all businesses by a Physical Therapist.

Lumi Funnels was founded by a licensed Physical Therapist of 23 years, turned digital marketing expert looking to fill the void for modern businesses driven to succeed.

Why Lumi Funnels?

Advocating for Small Businesses to get ahead

Automation has totally revolutionized small and medium sized business success, and that includes small business owners that want to compete in the marketplace. We deserve to win too.

Innovation that's Insightful because you deserve it

I never saw myself as a techy kind of business owner but it fell in my lap and I decided if I want to succeed, I've gotta learn some basic automation to grow my businesses. And to this day, without automation, I would not be where I am now.

23 Years of Experience as a licensed Physical Therapist

I'm the acting Director of Rehabilitation at a 240 bed Sub Acute Hospital in Santa Monica, California. I started a digital marketing agency during Covid with a 6 month old because I saw a gap in the market for small businesses.

"I had no idea my business could communicate on Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, email and SMS text all in one easy to use chat platform. Thank you Lumi Funnels for simplifying my life and giving me my time back."

Susan R.

Helping All Businesses Grow with Funnels & Ads

I've been a content creator and digital marketer for 4 years now. I have learned everything about social media and how to compete on busy platforms where everyone is vying for the same buyer's attention. That's why I developed the Facebook integration with Lumi Funnels. To make it easy for business owners that are not tech savvy (or creative) to easily launch ads that I've curated to be be beautiful, original, unique and most importantly convert your dream client into a paying customer. Let's take it a step further. With Lumi, your leads are plugged into your bulletproof automation system with customized emails and SMS nurture texts in your pipeline so you stay on track, never missing another lead. No more leaving money on the table with Lumi Funnels.

Boost Sales with Lumi

You Don't Have To Sacrifice Your Brand With Lumi

Creating beautifully branded content that is cohesive across social media, email, SMS, ads and marketing materials is hard work. I have had so many clients that are drowning in a river of leads but dying of thirst because they are disorganized and need automation. With Lumi Funnels, I wanted a platform that was easy to use and fully customizable. So you don't have to sacrifice your brand to enjoy the benefits of automation. Creating a customer journey that is seamless and on autopilot. That's the beauty of Lumi Funnels. Launch Ads, schedule your social media, generate gorgeous landing pages and create stunning emails right within the CRM. The goal of automation is to augment your business and contribute to building relationships that will last.

Working For You, Not Against You

I was able to put Lumi Funnels together with the goal of decreasing the tech barrier by adding full human support. So you can talk to an agent in real time, send questions via chat and search any function of the CRM right in the platform. We can help you do anything and everything to make this choice the best decision you have ever made for your business. We will help you set up your first ad on your onboarding and give you a zoom recording of your training so this product can work for you, not against you.

Jessica Lynne White, PT | CEO

As a 42 year old first time mother, I spent a lot of time on social media to pass the time with a new born. While on maternity leave as a Physical Therapist and department head at a hospital, I became really fascinated about how business owners successfully monetize their social media to grow their businesses.

What kind of social media content converts? Does boosting a post really turn followers into paying customers? What is a sales funnel and how do I leverage it to book more clients?

It all started with designing social media graphics for a Nurse Practitioner in Georgia who owned an IV Hydration, Medical Aesthetics and Body Sculpting spa. Many other health, wellness, beauty and spa brands quickly took notice of her relatable and beautiful content strategy that I designed for her business. So they reached out for help to grow their customer base and sales too. Now we help business of every niche grow their revenue with proven tools. digital marketing agency and Lumi Funnels was born and ever since then we've been perfecting our craft.

Serve your customers better with these tools.


Climb the local search engines


Get paid fast, easy and secure


Get more leads from your website


Gather intel from your leads


Set and track appointments

Email Builder

Send custom email promos


Save time with auto follow ups


Track deals through stages

Why Lumi Funnels

Successful health, wellness and beauty business owners have a killer work ethic…

You're out there grinding, hustling, and killing it, but you don't want to burn out and you're praying there's a better way to build your business and save yourself hours of time…

I see you. 

I know what it feels like to be sick of letting dream clients slip through the cracks, having to manually follow up with leads from every platform like messenger, email and text, and not being able to have the work/life balance you really want.

Most are STUCK…unwilling to adapt to the modern (proven) way of growing and managing their client acquisition strategy…

Stubbornly leaving behind what could’ve been the one chance at prosperity.

Do they ENJOY the time spent away from family and friends attending appointments they might not walk through the door?

Lumi Funnels is the Marketing Solution for your Business

Do they like sitting in an empty office waiting, hoping, praying the phone will ring? Or worse paying practitioner salaries to sit in an empty office while you try to drum up business...

My guess is a resounding NO.

They don’t take any pleasure in these things whatsoever.

They just don’t know what they don’t know. They haven’t had anyone to ACTUALLY guide them through the process.

The process of getting dream clients to actually show up to their appointment (phone or in-person).

And the PROVEN way to convert those dream clients to actual paying customers…

Wouldn’t it be nice to say goodbye to missing leads, trying to dance on TikTok, pumping out tons of social media, and spending a fortune on expensive agencies FOR GOOD? Let's get started today.

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