Beyond Brilliant Funnel Software for the Modern Business Owner

Simply show up at the right time

With Scheduler you get your very own online assistant, working 24/7 to fill your schedule with qualified leads and sales. We even offer HIPPA compliant integration for licensed healthcare professionals documentation and data collection.

No more “what time works for you?”

Be 'Easiest'

People book with companies who are easiest to move forward with.

Gather Info

Use custom forms to get info when they book and store it in one place.

Stay Synced

Keep your events synced with your Google or Outlook calendar

"Incorporating scheduling software into my business operations has revolutionized the way I manage appointments. Now, I can easily provide leads or clients with my schedule link and allow them to schedule appointments at their convenience. It's a hassle-free process and totally automated!"

Olivia M.

No more phone tag

Say goodbye to phone and email tag. With Scheduler, your clients can easily view your availability in real-time and self-schedule appointments online.

Control availability

Scheduler gives you the flexibility to control your availability for specific appointment types. With two way sync your Google or Outlook calendars you won't get double booked again.

Allow self scheduling

Share your scheduling links with clients and allow them to self schedule directly into your calendar. Or embed your scheduler on your web page so they never have to leave your site.

Stay Organized

Simply open the app and see all your appointments for the day.

Reduce No Shows

Send custom reminder emails & texts and enjoy a higher show rate.

Book Efficiently

Invitees only see the times you have available for each meeting type.

Collect Payment

Get paid on time, every time. Collect payments at the time of booking.

Retain Clients

Allow prospects to schedule instantly so no one slips through the cracks.

Zoom Integration

Automatically create and send dynamic meeting links for Zoom.

Serve your customers better with these tools.


Climb the local search engines


Get paid fast, easy and secure


Get more leads from your website


Gather intel from your leads


Set and track appointments

Email Builder

Send custom email promos


Save time with auto follow ups


Track deals through stages

Create Facebook and Instagram Ads

Without logging into Ads Manager

In just about 45 seconds, you can choose a template from our extensive Ads Library and launch your Ad on Facebook and Instagram. Without the hassle of logging into Facebook Ads Manager. Just choose your template, upload your ad copy, set your budget and your Ad is launched.

With Lumi Funnels, we get your Ad set up with you and launched on your onboarding call, so you can start getting leads the day you start with us. Launch as many ads as you want for as many business pages as you like. All you need is an active Facebook Business page and Ad Account.

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