Beyond Brilliant Funnel Software for the Modern Business Owner

Gather valuable data to grow your business

Surveys give you the ability to quickly and easily poll your leads or customers to find out what makes them tick.

Feedback matters

Save Time

Use Surveys to qualify your incoming leads so you can prioritize follow up.

Get Better

Gather customer and non-buyer feedback so you can improve.

Unlimited Surveys

Create as many surveys as you need to power your business.

"By utilizing surveys, we are able to qualify our leads without the need to ask these questions over the phone, which saves us time. This way, once a lead comes through, we have a clear understanding of what we're dealing with."

Isabella D.

Qualify your leads

Playing telephone tag with a name and number for a week only to find out they're not qualified to buy is a waste of time. Use Surveys to gather the information you would normally ask on a phone call.

Survey non-buyers

Information from non-buyers is valuable. Use Surveys to discover the reasons why they didn't buy from you. Then use that information to improve your offer and messaging.

Learn from customers

When someone buys from you they have reasons. Use Surveys to gather those reasons and use that information to improve your offer and messaging.

Smart Surveys

If/And commands allow you to gather more info based on a certain response.

One Question at a Time

Our one question at a time format is less intimidating than a large form.

Regular Forms

Get access to our Form builder and create regular forms as well.

Serve your customers better with these tools.


Climb the local search engines


Get paid fast, easy and secure


Get more leads from your website


Gather intel from your leads


Set and track appointments

Email Builder

Send custom email promos


Save time with auto follow ups


Track deals through stages

Create Facebook and Instagram Ads

Without logging into Ads Manager

In just about 45 seconds, you can choose a template from our extensive Ads Library and launch your Ad on Facebook and Instagram. Without the hassle of logging into Facebook Ads Manager. Just choose your template, upload your ad copy, set your budget and your Ad is launched.

With Lumi Funnels, we get your Ad set up with you and launched on your onboarding call, so you can start getting leads the day you start with us. Launch as many ads as you want for as many business pages as you like. All you need is an active Facebook Business page and Ad Account.Small Call to Action Headline

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